Integrating PeopleNet – GPS Tracking and E-Logs
30 Jan

Integrating PeopleNet – GPS Tracking and E-Logs

Polyak Trucking, in late 2013, made a decision to incorporate the PeopleNet system into our organization. PeopleNet is used for GPS Tracking and E-Logs. The decision was not easy. We were aware of the potential driver kick-back and how many felt about the “Big Brother” approach to trucking. We considered costs, FMSCA score, outsourcing costs for IFTA, and many other aspects.

In the quick two months PeopleNet has been installed we have gotten our monies worth. The system has not only increased value to customers it has allowed us to track an employee using our equipment for personal/professional gain. Without PeopleNet, these illegal acts could have continued untraced. Seeing clearly a truck was on the map, in a state we don’t service, was a red flag for us. Using the PeopleNet reports we were then able to compile a long list of un-dispatched locations and inappropriate use of our equipment. The benefit outweighs the stress of learning and creating new processes and procedures.

We are pleased with the continued service, training, and ease of the system. PeopleNet Navigation System 11 2 11 002

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