6 Mar

Driver Safety Award

Tyrone: 2017-2018 Safety Winner

Performance & Safety Programs are an important part of creating a safe, aware and disciplined fleet. Several years back we implemented a points system based on 4 major categories:

1) Driving Performance: MPG, Speed, Hard Breaking, etc

2) If you cost the company money: Over weight fines, Accidents, etc

3) If you cost another person time: Not fueling, late, communication, etc

4) Misc Company Requirements: late vacation requests, dirty trailers, etc.

This program accompanied with Gross Income has worked well to manage performance, increase MPGs and maintain a friendly competition between drivers with a chance to regain missed points. We post the points weekly, show the leaders monthly, and pay out every 6 months.

As an added bonus, we do track our no-claims Driver. The driver, quarterly, must have zero reportable or non-reportable accidents. We pay out in restaurant gifts cards (in hopes they take their significant others) and then they get entered into a yearly larger, random, drawing. This year, Mr. Tyrone Nichols has won a Trip to Green Bay, WI that includes Lambeau Field tours, Hall of Fame Tours, Hotel stay and Casino Gift Cards!

Tyrone has been with Polyak for almost 15 years and has earned this and so much more for his accident-free driving since day ONE!


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